Vintage Baseballs Print


Choose your size between 7×5 to 40×30.
Some minimal cropping may occur.
Photography by Kelly Cushing Photography


Vintage Baseballs Print

Baseball, well softball, always brings up good memories for me. My older cousin actually took a branch off my Dad’s pear tree. Instant respect. How cool is that?

I played catcher and 2nd base and I loved it. I had a great arm, I could hit but I have always been a slow runner. That part I sucked at for sure. I could hit 2nd base from home plate on my knees at 12 years old. Not that I am bragging, maybe a bit. Now I can’t hit the ocean standing on the beach.

Vintage Baseballs Prints range in size from 7×5 to 40×30. Minimal cropping may occur. Larger prints may be special ordered. Email Us Here.

Other options of the Vintage Baseballs photograph:
For Coasters of the Vintage Baseballs, visit here.
Wood Wall Decor, visit here.
Canvas Prints, visit here.

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Vintage Baseballs Print Photograph taken by Kelly Cushing in Chilliwack, BC. All rights reserved.

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