Rusty Drain Pipe



-Rusty Drain Pipe
– Photography by Kelly Cushing Photography
– Choose your size between 7X5 to 40X30. Larger sizes available upon request. Please email us.
– Some minimal cropping will occur.


Photograph of a Rusty Drain Pipe

This photograph of this Rusty Drain Pipe is from Opus Art Supplies on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC. I spent a good part of the day wandering around Granville Island and probably a good hour just at this building. Not to mentioning going inside and exploring all the wonderful art supplies they have. My mind thinks I am more talented than reality knows. One day I will find my patience and learn how to do more artwork, in the meantime, I have Vera (my camera).

Granville Island has been a favorite place of mine since I was a teenager. My best friend worked at the Kid’s Market there so I explored and wandered around constantly.

My dream was to live down there. Unfortunately, house prices being what they are in Vancouver, I altered my dream.


The photographs are 7×5, 10×7.5, 15×11, 20×15, 24×18, 28×21, 32×24 and 40×30.

Although all of images are color compatible for viewing online, most computer monitors vary in their color configurations and the images that you see may not have accurate color representation.


Photograph of a Rusty Drain Pipe was taken by Kelly Cushing in Vancouver, BC. All rights reserved.

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7×5, 10×7.5, 15×11, 20×15, 24×18, 28×21, 32×24, 40×30


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