Peeling Red Paint Print


Choose your size between 10×8 to 36×30. Larger sizes available upon request. Please email us.
The original photograph has a 6:5 ratio. Other sizes are available, however some minimal cropping will occur.


Peeling Red Paint Print

Granville Island is one of my favorite places in Vancouver, BC. There is always so much going on down there. The Granville Island Market with all the food and colours and textures. Performers usually juggling or playing an instrument. If nothing else, just sitting and watching the boats go by is always relaxing. People watching is always a favorite thing of mine as well.

I was wandering around the Island looking for things to photograph and exploring. I came across this window on the Opus Art building. The red paint peeling off and the texture was gorgeous and the primary colours to top it off. Too much interest for me to just walk by. The building itself is blue. I love how they incorporate the primary colours into the building.

The prints are meant to be either framed or dry mounted.

Prints are available in different sizes and may have additional minimal cropping to fit to size. Sizes range from 7×5 to 30×25. Larger sizes are available upon request. Email here.

Although all of images are color compatible for viewing online, most computer monitors vary in their color configurations and the images that you see may not have accurate color representation.

Photograph taken by Kelly Cushing at Granville Island in Vancouver, BC. All rights reserved.

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