Bottom of Guitar Canvas Gallery Wraps



Bottom of Guitar Canvas Gallery Wraps

I played the guitar when I was a kid and still had one lying around the house with the intention of picking it up again. I picked it up again but not to play it but to photograph it. I took shots at different angles, close ups, etc. This is one of my favorite shots. 

A perfect addition to every room! Our standard canvas is made from a finely textured artist-grade cotton substrate which consistently reproduces image details with outstanding clarity and detail.

.: 100% Cotton fabric
.: Closed Back
.: Build with a patented solid support face
.: High image quality and detail
.: For indoor use


I photograph whatever interests me at the time. Sometimes, it’s a rusty lock on a chain that looks so old that it wouldn’t dare be opened. Other time, it’s capturing the pure joy in someone’s face when they see a long time lover, or a new addition to the family. It could be the shape of a body and how the sweat glistens in the light in such a way you can almost feel the muscles aching underneath the skin.

I love that I have an amazing tool that enables me to freeze a moment in time. I am grateful for my camera that allows me to take what I see and share for all to see. In addition, I found my first love at 13. I wasn’t always able to give it my full attention and love, but it was there for me when I had time to appreciate it. My camera has been my true friend and has always stuck with me. I have upgraded her but her essence has always been there.

Although all of images are color compatible for viewing online, most computer monitors vary in their color configurations and the images that you see may not have accurate color representation.

Photograph of Bottom of Guitar was taken by Kelly Cushing in Chilliwack, BC. All rights reserved.

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