Blown Dandelions on Canvas


Choose your size between 5×7 to 22×28. Larger sizes available upon request. Please email us.
Some minimal cropping may occur.
Photography by Kelly Cushing Photography


Blown Dandelions on Canvas

This photograph was taken in May. An assistant helped blow the dandelion so it flew into the wind. Above all, the contrast of the blue sky to the white fluffy dandelion was wonderful.

I took the photograph in Richmond, BC at Steveston Pier. It was a gorgeous day and still sweatshirt weather. Planes flew overhead as we were very close to the airport. People flew kits in the park and one fellow on a longboard used a big kite to take him all over the park so t looked like a lot of fun.

Canvas Prints are meant to be streitched on canvas stretcher-bars. Furthermore, the images can be framed just like an original painting or hung as is. Certainly, many people leave the image unframed when purchased as a gallery wrapped canvas. It is, of course, a matter of preference. I stretch my canvases myself to offer a more competitive price for my customers

Canvas prints range in size from 5×7 to 22×28. Minimal cropping may occur. Larger prints may be special ordered. Email Us Here.

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Blown Dandelions on Canvas Photograph taken by Kelly Cushing in Richmond, BC. All rights reserved.

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