Barn and Chevy 2 Print



-Barn and Chevy 2 Print
– Photography by Kelly Cushing Photography
– Choose your size between 5×7 to 22×28. Larger sizes available upon request. Please email us.
– Some minimal cropping will occur.


Barn and Chevy 2 Print

I just started out on my day and went to a place in Chilliwack, BC that I hadn’t explored yet. I came around the corner on Fairfield Island, and this barn and old Chevy caught my eye. A red of the barn and the blue truck looked almost like a graphic novel. The truck was so worn down with lots of texture and looks like it hasn’t been running in years. The truck in front of the barn certainly has a country feel to the setting.

I met a woman at a market, years later, who’s husband’s family owns that barn. She thought her in-laws would love the photograph. After that, the next year, her husband came by and told me he drove that truck when he was younger. It hadn’t been used for years though. It’s nice to have a story and to meet people involved in the area.

Barn and Chevy 2 Prints range in size from 5×7 to 22×28. Minimal cropping may occur. Larger prints may be special ordered. Email Us Here.

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Barn and Chevy 2 Print Photograph taken by Kelly Cushing in Chilliwack, BC. All rights reserved.

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