The Rule of Thirds in Photography

This is a nice photograph of a shack in a field. The primary focus is directly in the centre. It’s fine but it could be better, more interesting.

Interest of Photograph Centred

The idea behind ‘The Rule of Thirds’ is very basic – It’s to divide the image by three vertical and horizontal lines into equal parts, and place the most important subject of the image at one of the four intersections of the lines at the boundaries of the areas formed. In this way, the image can be made more exciting and powerful compared to a situation where the subject is in the center of the frame.

I have drawn the lines across the photograph so you can see what I am speaking about.

The shack is now along the top left third of the image.

See how the shack is in the top left quadrant of the photograph. Even the thicker post on the bottom is almost in the bottom right third. Doesn’t it add more interest¬† and make the photograph more powerful.

Assignment: Capture a landscape using the rule of thirds and share your results!

To be continued…