Photograph of Kelly Cushing in downtown Vancouver, BC


Kelly Cushing

Born in and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada, I was surrounded by beauty from my beginnings. Receiving my first camera at the age of 13, was the beginning of a new and enduring love. My camera has been an extension of who I am. Being quite shy in my younger years, the camera became my voice. It would bring conversations to me when I showed people my photographs. I am able to show people around the world who may get overlooked. I can share my view of the world without a word.

People ask what kind of photography I do and I stumble for the answer. I photograph whatever interests me at the time. Sometimes, it’s a rusty lock on a chain that looks so old that it wouldn’t dare be opened. Other time, it’s capturing the pure joy in someone’s face when they see a long time lover, or a new addition to the family. It could be the shape of a body and how the sweat glistens in the light in such a way you can almost feel the muscles aching underneath the skin. I love that I have an amazing tool that enables me to freeze a moment in time. I am grateful for my camera that allows me to take what I see and share for all to see. I found my first love at 13. I wasn’t always able to give it my full attention and love but it was there for me when I had time to appreciate it. My camera has been my true friend and has always stuck with me. I have upgraded her but her essence has always been there.

Mixed media has been my latest artistic expression in displaying my photography. My creativity is constantly evolving.

I have also started a new website showcasing artists in BC, Canada call The Art Hive Collective. It is at www.thearthivecollective.com

I wanted to build a community of artists, with workshops and events. Things being what they are it started as an online gallery.

Take a look!!!


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