Welcome to Kelly Cushing Photography

Thank you for visiting. This is a website that showcases the photography work of Kelly Cushing, a professional photographer based in British Columbia, Canada. The website features a variety of photographs, including portraits, landscapes, and still life images.

Visitors to the website can browse through Kelly’s portfolio to see examples of her work, which is characterized by a focus on natural light and a love of capturing candid moments. In addition to her portfolio, the website also includes information about Kelly’s background and experience as a photographer.

My hope is to give you a comprehensive and visually stunning introduction to my work, showcasing my talent and skill as a photographer.

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Love Kelly’s photos and her artwork. I have purchased several sets of custom made coasters and Kelly took the most amazing photo of myself at work and put it on a wood background. I set many compliments on both. She has a wonderful personality and makes you feel great while taking the photos.

I highly recommend her.

Trudy Nichol

Glass Goddess

I have purchased pieces from Kelly in the past, and her product is phenomenal. She has a high attention to detail and a great photographer. This year, I have had the pleasure of working with her directly on a collaboration and it has been a great experience. Great to get along with and so many awesome ideas.

You cannot go wrong getting something for yourself or a gift for someone from Kelly.

Bill Cheff

Brilliantly Creative