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Born in and raised in Vancouver, BC Canada, I was surrounded by beauty from my beginnings. Receiving my first camera at the age of 13, was the beginning of a new and enduring love. My camera has been an extension of who I am. Being quite shy in my younger years, the camera became my voice. It would bring conversations to me when I showed people my photographs. I am able to show people around the world who may get overlooked. I can share my view of the world without a word.

People ask what kind of photography I do and I stumble for the answer. I photograph whatever interests me at the time. Sometimes, it's a rusty lock on a chain that looks so old that it wouldn't dare be opened. Other time, it's capturing the pure joy in someone's face when they see a long time lover, or a new addition to the family. It could be the shape of a body and how the sweat glistens in the light in such a way you can almost feel the muscles aching underneath the skin. I love that I have an amazing tool that enables me to freeze a moment in time. I am grateful for my camera that allows me to take what I see and share for all to see. I found my first love at 13. I wasn't always able to give it my full attention and love but it was there for me when I had time to appreciate it. My camera has been my true friend and has always stuck with me. I have upgraded her but her essence has always been there.

Mixed media has been my latest artistic expression in displaying my photography. My creativity
is constantly evolving.

Stay tuned!!!


Instagram @kellycushingphoto
Facebook: KellyCushingPhoto
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/KellyCushingPhoto



Hi Kelly,

I was so excited when I got your email. My wife and I love your work! Within minutes we found our favorites. My wife said they are really me!

You really have a warmth in your presence and there is beautiful sparkle in your eyes as you photograph. You make the subject (me) feel safe to express what's inside. You are doing the work you were meant to do in this world.

I am looking forward to the final pics! They will look great on my site.

Gary Mahler

Working with Kelly @ Kelly Cushing Photography was one of the most fun and relaxing experiences of my life. Kelly has a soothing nature, but can also be very playful and bubbly when the situation warrants it. She knows exactly how to react in any given situation. Her skill with her camera is flawless and her editing is unmatched by any other photographers I have seen. She has a wide range of artistic charisma and I can not wait till our next shoot.

Ashley McIntyre - Empowerment Coach
Simply Inspired Wellnes